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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate Aaron Foundation Fund
Donate ACE Career Pathways/Internships Fund
Donate ACE STEM Fund
Donate ACE Youth Leadership Fund
Donate Achieving Community Excellence Fund
Donate Agape Faith Fund
Donate A Kid's Place Endowment
Donate Al Coleman/Bev Peratino Allied Healthcare Scholarship
Donate Alison Jo Jenkins Memorial Scholarship
Donate Anderson Family Foundation Fund
Donate Annessa Sanchez Memorial Fund
Donate Arc of Weld County Endowment
Donate Arts Alive! Fund
Donate Arts Alive! Scholarship
Donate A Woman's Place Agency Fund
Donate A Woman's Place Client Emergency Fund
Donate A Woman's Place Endowment Fund
Donate Bill and Sharon Farr Fund
Donate BillWinde Fund
Donate Boettcher Fund
Donate Bressler Family Memorial Scholarship
Donate Bruce and Diane Johnson Charitable Fund
Donate Byron and Margaret Brown Endowment
Donate Carl Mason Family Agriculture Scholarship
Donate Celeste Fried Greeley Senior Center Endowment
Donate Colorado Gives Weld County Collaboration Fund
Donate Colorado Model Railroad Museum Fund
Donate Community Foundation Administration
Donate Community Foundation Impact Fund
Donate Community Grief Center Endowment
Donate Community Trust Fund
Donate Cummins Care Scholarship
Donate Deb and Dan Austin Family Foundation Fund
Donate Delia and John W. Haefeli Foundation Fund
Donate Delia and John W. Haefeli Opportunity Fund (Long Term)
Donate Delia and John W. Haefeli Opportunity Fund (Short Term)
Donate Dick and Irene Boettcher Endowment
Donate Director's Endowment
Donate "Doc" Patterson Scholarship
Donate Dorothy and Harold Brokering Family Scholarship
Donate Dorothy E. Hood Endowment
Donate Dr. Thomas R. and Janis S. Dunn Fund
Donate Edward Robert Rady and Edna Mae Rady Memorial Ag Scholarship
Donate Ehrlich Family Fund
Donate Eldergarden Fund
Donate Endowment Challenge
Donate Envision Creative Support for People with Developmental Disabilities Endowment
Donate Farr Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Florence J. Berry Fund for the Platteville Museum
Donate Floyd E. Acre Memorial Scholarship
Donate Fort Lupton Arts Council Fund
Donate Fort Lupton Community Foundation Endowment
Donate Fort Lupton Community Foundation Fund
Donate Fort Lupton Community Scholarship
Donate Fort Lupton Youth Recreation Fund
Donate George and Betty Hall Fund
Donate G. E. Wood Memorial Fund
Donate Greeley Education Association Presidents' Teacher Candidate Scholarship Fund
Donate Greeley Lions Club Charitable Fund
Donate Greeley Multicultural Festival
Donate Greeley Rotary W.D. Farr Endowment
Donate Greeley Rotary W. D. Farr Gala
Donate Greeley Transitional House Endowment
Donate Greeley-Weld Habitat for Humanity Endowment
Donate Greeley/Weld Senior Foundation Fund
Donate Hall Family Scholarship
Donate Helen McCandless Scholarship
Donate Hertneky Charitable Fund
Donate Hertneky Family Scholarship
Donate Higher Ground Benevolent Fund
Donate Highland Community/R. Lee and Rebecca Seward Scholarships - current year
Donate Highland Community/R. Lee and Rebecca Seward Scholarships Endowment
Donate Historic Greeley, Inc. Quasi-Endowment
Donate Houston Gardens Fund
Donate Howard E. Smith Family Endowment
Donate Imagine Zero Weld County
Donate Immigrant and Refugee Center of Northern Colorado Fund
Donate Innovation Center of the High Plains Library District
Donate Jerry and Anna Wardell Memorial Scholarship
Donate John K. Jerome Family Scholarship
Donate John W. and Delia Haefeli Fund
Donate Judd Kazuto Fulton Scholarship
Donate Judge Roger Klein Scholarship
Donate Judy Knapp Scholarship
Donate Julie Anne Sauter Fund in Honor of Oscar and Thelma Greni
Donate Kathy Hanson Memorial Scholarship
Donate Kathy Murphy Speaker Series Fund
Donate Kristopher G. Mansfield Memorial Scholarship
Donate Laura White Memorial Scholarship
Donate Lauren Johnson Safe Environment Fund
Donate Lee and Carol Shropshire Fund
Donate Leoma D. Hunter Educational Fund
Donate Lions Dictionary Project Fund
Donate Littler Youth Fund
Donate Loustalet Family Fund
Donate Lucile J. Gray Scholarship
Donate Lynne and Gladys Hopkins Family Fund
Donate Lyons Family Fund
Donate Lyster Family Foundation Fund
Donate Lyster Family Scholarship
Donate Magnuson Norem Family Fund
Donate Marcia Siebring Charitable Fund
Donate Martinez Family Scholarship
Donate Martin Family Endowment
Donate M.C. Widmaier Family Endowment
Donate Meals on Wheels Endowment
Donate Migrant Christmas Fiesta Fund
Donate Mildred S. Hansen Scholarship
Donate Monfort Children's Clinic Endowment
Donate Nicholas Roehrich Memorial Fund
Donate Niles S. Miller Family Fund
Donate Nina Lewis Youth Leadership Endowment
Donate Nina Lewis Youth Leadership Endowment
Donate Norm and Marty Noe Family Leadership Incentive Fund
Donate North Colorado Medical Center Chaplaincy Fund
Donate O. Jeffrey Berven Memorial Scholarship
Donate O'Neal Family Endowment
Donate Operating Reserve Fund
Donate OW Fund
Donate Partners in Education Scholarship
Donate Partners In Education Scholarship
Donate Pay it For-Warde Family Fund
Donate Peak View Jazz Fund
Donate Pepper Fund
Donate Peschel Memorial Scholarship
Donate Phyllis and Glenn McDonald Memorial Fund for the Performing Arts
Donate Poudre Learning Center Endowment
Donate Poudre River Trail Corridor Agency Fund
Donate Poudre River Trial Corridor Fund
Donate Reva and Dick Bond Family Fund
Donate Richardson Family Autism Fund
Donate R.L. Monfort Family Endowment
Donate Robert and Judy Kron Family Fund
Donate Robert and Lena Ochsner Fund
Donate Roger Rosenbrock Memorial Scholarship
Donate Roy T. Wardell Charitable Fund
Donate Salida Del Sol Foundation Endowment
Donate Sam Chuenchit Soccer Scholarship
Donate Sason's Fund
Donate Senior Resource Services Endowment
Donate Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center Endowment
Donate Shadwick Family Fund
Donate Sharon Magnuson-Farr Scholarship
Donate "Sissy" Dent Scholarship
Donate Slobojan Family Fund
Donate Spread The Good
Donate The Deason Scholarship
Donate The Success Foundation Serving Greeley-Evans Schools Fund
Donate THIRST Living Waters
Donate Union Colony Civic Center Fund
Donate Union Colony Civic Center Unrestricted Endowment
Donate United Way of Weld County Legacy Endowment
Donate Weld County Builders Association Scholarship
Donate Weld County School District Six Endowment
Donate Weld County Veterans' Memorial Fund
Donate Weld County Veterans Memorial Maintenance Fund
Donate Weld Food Bank Endowment
Donate Weld Recovers
Donate Wild Animal Sanctuary Endowment
Donate Windsor Community Foundation Endowment
Donate Windsor Community Foundation Fund
Donate Windsor Community Foundation Scholarships
Donate Windsor Harvest Festival Scholarship
Donate Windsor Treasure Island Gardens Fund
Donate Women's Fund - Fund Her Future
Donate Women's Fund of Weld County Endowment
Donate Women's Fund of Weld County Events
Donate Women to Women Endowment
Donate Woolf Scholarship
Donate Zachary Miller Fund